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Signing Agent Work

If you work in real estate and are interested in using my exquisite services as a Loan Signing Agent, please locate my profile on SnapDocs or or  I look forward to serving you.

Thanks - Lisa Vaca 

General Notary Work

Here are some of the notarial acts which I can execute for you and their California mandated fees:

  • Administering an oath/affirmation - $15 per person plus travel

  • Executing a jurat, with seal - $15 each plus travel

  • Acknowledgment of signature - $15 per signature plus travel

  • Taking a witness deposition - $30 plus travel

Administering oath to witness - $7

Certificate to the deposition - $7

  • Certified copies of Power of Attorney - $15 each plus travel

  • U.S. military veteran benefit claim - no charge, plus travel

  • Voting materials notarized - no charge, plus travel

If you require me to come to you for mobile notarizations, there may be travel fees involved. For my travel fees, please go to the page called Mobile or click here. 


For more information on the fees a Notary Public in California can charge, please see this handy chart provided by the Secretary of State.  Simply click here.

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