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Educational Videos:

series on YouTube teaches the audience fact-checking skills that journalists use to do their jobs — anyone can learn how to fact-check misinformation on the internet. Hosted by best-selling author and MediaWise Ambassador, John Green, this series was produced in partnership with Complexly, Green鈥檚 production company and published on the @CrashCourse channel on YouTube.

The MediaWise Voter Project partnered with Complexly, best-selling author John Green鈥檚 production company on a 2020 election guide for first-time voters called the MediaWise Voter Guide. It鈥檚 an 8-part YouTube video series hosted by influencer Evelyn from the Internets. By watching this series, first-time voters learn how to navigate the confusing online information ecosystem of political news so they can feel confident they are informed with the facts when voting for the first time in November.

This is a 54-part, short-format video series on YouTube which teaches first-time voters (and really anyone!) how to register to vote and how to actually cast their ballot in their state. If you live in Texas, you watch the Texas video. If you live in Missouri, you watch the Missouri video, etc. This series was created in partnership with Complexly as well. It was recently updated to include more up-to-date information about the impact of coronavirus and voting as well.

The MediaWise Voter Project Campus Correspondents have produced 50 short-form (about 1:00 minute) fact-checking and media literacy videos teaching first-time voters how to find reliable information about the election to help combat voter suppression misinformation that is running rampant across platforms.聽聽is an example of a fact-checking video.聽聽is an example of a general media literacy tip video. You can find additional samples on our TikTok account聽.

You鈥檒l also find their fact-checking videos from our friends at PolitiFact that are part of their 鈥楾ruth-o-Meter Minute鈥 fact-checking series which are also super cool and performing well.

Animated Video Series:

MediaWise is producing a 4-part, 1-minute animated (cartoon-style) video series teaching digital media literacy tips to first-time voters. Through this popular social media video format, first-time voters will learn fact-checking skills including lateral reading, 3 key questions you can ask yourself to fact-check info on your feeds, and other helpful quick hit tips. There will be vertical and horizontal formats posted and promoted across platforms. This series launches the week of September 8. This series is supported by Becker Trust.

MediaWise PSA featuring many of our ambassadors:

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Virtual Events:

Face the Facts: #Election2020 Youth Town Hall
The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL), in partnership with MediaWise, hosted a one-hour, virtual youth town hall on October 6 to engage students and first-time voters on how to be prepared and better informed ahead of the November elections. The event featured conversations with young people about how to spot election misinformation and engage in the democratic process as they鈥檙e making decisions about how to cast their vote.

Media Partnerships & Collaborations:

Instagram (4M followers) partnered with the MediaWise Voter Project to co-create digital media literacy Instagram content related to the election, made to appeal to first-time voters in a format native to the platform. This partnership includes 8 partnered Instagram feedposts that will begin rolling out the first week of September tackling trending election misinformation as well as teaching media literacy skills with each post.

Facebook teamed up with the MediaWise Voter Project and ATTN for a 2020 digital literacy video series on Facebook and Instagram for Millennial and GenZ audiences. The 3-video series shows audiences how to recognize misinformation on social media, particularly around current events and trending topics. In May, audiences learned . In August, presenter Aliya Jasmine showcased in the context of recent racial justice protests and other current events. In October, the final video of the series highlighted in the past and what to keep an eye out for during this unprecedented election season.

The MediaWise Voter Project partnered with award-winning comic book artist Liz Prince and Harvard’s Technology and Social Change Research Project (Joan Donovan) to create 鈥淒emocracy & Dragons,鈥 a choose your own adventure comic strip centered around the 2020 election.

Given how overwhelming it can feel to get correct information, the comic鈥檚 鈥渃hoose your own destiny鈥 style aims to bring awareness to voting obstacles. In the comic, a grandmother is sucked into a Dungeons and Dragons-like game after admitting she wasn鈥檛 going to vote, she then has to battle literal internet trolls and misinformed witches on the way to the polls.聽 The interactive website also allows users to choose between voting in person or by mail.聽You can find the comic聽.

MediaWise Ambassador Videos:

In-Person Training:

of our in-person training at the University of Iowa in January to kick off the MediaWise Voter Project teaching 200+ college students media literacy skills, with an appearance by MediaWise Ambassador and influencer Tyler Oakley.