MediaWise International

91르적's MediaWise expands its digital media literacy training internationally after reaching millions of people in the U.S. The international expansion aims to slow the spread of misinformation online and help people make informed decisions about the content they engage with. MediaWise designs free educational courses and partners with resident fact-checking organizations, research institutions and prominent figures to provide localized educational programs.


Boris Casoy and Lillian Witte Fibe lead Portuguese speakers in a free 10-day WhatsApp course…

March 7, 2022


Be MediaWise 筠 劇戟棘均棘龜鈞劇筠戟逵, 畇龜均龜궿겆뿅싻 極棘均逵劇逵 鈞逵 劇筠畇龜橘戟逵 極棘곍꽥둘궿싻앗곎 勻 뫱듢뿅넓겉龜, 克棘뤣궿 곍 곍왈압싼곍앗龜逵 …

February 2, 2024


Guatevisi처n셲 Mar챠a Luisa G처mez and professional badminton셲 Kevin Cord처n lead Guatemalans in a free 10-day…

April 13, 2023


France 24셲 Pauline Paccard and Alexandre Capron lead French speakers in a free 10-day WhatsApp…

March 7, 2022


Newtral셲 Ana Pastor and El Mundo셲 Luc챠a Mendez lead Spanish speakers in a free 10-day…

March 7, 2022


Fox TV anchor 캅smail K체챌체kkaya leads Turkish speakers in a free 10-day WhatsApp course designed…

March 7, 2022